Lollypop's book

Lollypop's book

My name is Louise I love reading and buying books 

Start of my Holiday!!


So its now the start of my time off work and I don't go back until 1st December which is amazing especially now that I have been told that my condition on my eye is Optic Neuritis which is a symptom for MS which hasn't been confirmed just yet I am having to go to my doctors who will confirm if its the start of MS its hard to stay positive but I have to at least try to be. 


I plan on reading a lot this time that I am off simply because I have to finish Hollow City because it is really good but life has taken over and I haven't been able to read because after my day has finished I have been so tired and just want to sleep but now that I don't have to really be up early I can now do what I used to do and read past my bedtime.


I will be back in the middle of the week with an update on my reading with Hollow City I promise.  

Wednesday Night


More than half way through my week before I have 10 days off so its 8 hours tomorrow 3 n half hours Friday and 2 n half hours on Monday. 


Its been a good week at work I had my teething problems with the job but I think I am good and settled into an amazing job. So I am now going to the shops tomorrow to buy lots of stationery and folders to organise my paperwork and my desk because today my OCD went into overdrive and it has drove me crazy all day. 


I am disappointed alittle in myself because I haven't read much but I suppose that sometimes life takes over, but I plan on making up for that when I ma off my 10 days because I have NOTHING at all planned and I am planning on having a few PJ days which you can't beat especially in the cold weather that we have got so its snuggles in my double bed with my nice warm quilt cover.



Sunday Night


Well my week off work is now over which I am rather sad about especially now the I am really getting into Hollow City and I don't want to put it down. But I only have to get the coming week and then I am off again so there is a silver lining I guess haha.


I am currently sat watching I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here which means that my night have now been taken by the lovely Ant and Dec so it could be worse.


I have also started a tea detox with BooTea so I am looking forward to the outcome which I can keep you informed if you like because I have heard alot of buzz around this tea and I want to see if it lives up to the hype.


I am also sat here looking on profiles and also following people ect but it will be a slow process because I am of course getting distracted by the TV. 


Thanks for reading guys :) 

Saturday Night


Evening everyone 


So my plan last night was to watch some Big Bang Theory and then read for a little while and then come on here and have a look around and follow some people ect but that never happened I ended up watching Big Bang Theory until 11:00pm and then going to bed (hardcore me you know)


But tonight I have got a plan and intend to stick to it because I am really serious about making this awesome and interacting with people who loves books as much as me because I not only love reading I also love the research for new books and recommendations.


For now though I am going back to my PS4 and watching the WWE network so I will see all you guys soon. 

8th November


I am still trying hard to find way to increase the attention I am getting on this blog (which I haven't been on a lot so I know that hasn't helped) so ANYONE with a good social reach with some advice would be greatly appreciated because I would love to have more traffic to this blog, I was going to start a YouTube channel but I am far too nervous and it would send my anxiety into overdrive so i am just going to stick to watching YouTube video I live for the days that Acacia Ives posts her video's 


I have started reading Hollow City (Miss Peregrine's book 2) and I am only 66 pages in but it seems to be picking up already and I can't wait to finish writing this up to continue it and then read Library of Souls my reading is picking up which is great but I think that the pressure to read does come from seeing that other people are reading so much and i know that its something that I can't help because I am so busy with work I just have to start making more time to read especially on a night time. 


What is everyone else reading comment below and let me know if you recommend it ???


New House/ New Room


I finally after 11 years have my own room and I am LOVING it. I finally have my own space and its great because I can finally blog more and also read ALOT more and that will be done once I can see better out my right eye because I currently have inflamed retina and its extremely painful but I am managing to adjust to it just in case it is to happen again, I am due to have a brain scan soon to go into depth with why it was triggered and hopefully it wont happen again but they said not to be too positive until we find out what the trigger was.

Despite not being able to see very well it never stopped me from purchasing books I got Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition and wow its beautiful I also bought 2 books in the Disney Villains, The Beast Within  and The Fairest of All by Serena Valentino and also bought 2 books from Disney Twisted, Once Upon a Dream and A Whole New World. I can not wait to read these because these are easy reads and are going to be the best things to get back into the swing of reading my next blog will probably bee at the weekend and then maybe a few next week because I have a week off work just to chill and more than likely read alot and get some posts up because I really do love typing these blogs .



Another Week done !!!


Another week has been and gone and its been a slow busy week and I honestly felt like it was never going to end.

I didn't have the best week, the only thing that was getting me through was that I was off for the entire weekend and not in until 12 on Monday. My anxiety was in full flow all week leading up until Friday when I finished at 2:30 because of a meeting I had and it honestly tore me up inside. a lot of people were saying "told you, you had nothing to worry about" but they didn't understand that to me it was out of my control and I couldn't help the worry I was feeling.

I am STILL reading The Red Queen due to my stress I haven't felt like reading all I have been doing is work and then coming home and laying in bed watching YouTube and listening to Podcasts which really did help me get to sleep on a night cause it calmed my nerves a lot. I did mention in my last post that I was struggling to red the book because IT DOESN'T HAVE CHAPTERS, and its driving me crazy and I feel that the book is taking forever and it is because I have been reading it for about 2 weeks if not longer which isn't normal for me I normal read 1 a week if I have plenty of time. I plan on finishing the book tonight or tomorrow and I have so many books so I have no idea which one I am going to read next I think it maybe Hollow City because I really did love Miss Peregrine and I was waiting for Library of Should to be released on paperback in the UK so that I could finish the entire series.


Today I went to whitby with my Nanna, mum and sister for my nanna's 70th Birthday which is tomorrow and I went to a book shop and bought an amazing edition of Alice and Wonderland and other stories which is pink and hard back and beautiful. I also bought a Audrey Hepburn bag which is stunning pictures to come on my Instagram lollypop_lou92.


Thank you for reading I am going to go away and read the Red Queen.

Love Louise 


Late Night Blog


I know I have wrote later than this but I am trying to get into a routine of not staying up too late and getting a good amount of sleep which isn't really working to my advantage just yet because I have failed to go to bed earlier than 00:30 which isn't that bad its earlier than the 2-3 o'clocks. 


I had a busy stressful week last week but i am hoping that this week is going to run more smoothly I have a very important meeting at work on Friday which has my anxiety in overdrive because I don't know what is going to happen at the end of it so fingers crossed for a good result. 


I am still reading Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice 2) and I'm not going to lie I am struggling to read it the fact that there is no chapters to break up the story makes me feel as though its going on and on and its never going to stop I will finish it but I can't garentee that I won't read another book in the mean time which I never do but I think I will be for this cause I really am struggling to want to carry on with this story. 

Alice Review
Alice - Christina Henry



Author: Christina Henry

Publisher: Titan Books

Price: £6.99 Waterstones

Rating: 4*

I have the UK edition


I had never even heard of this book until I watched a Booktube video and I am really glad that I found this book because it really was a great read. Now the first thing I have to say is that if you don't like dark twisted tellings then don't read this because it is a very dark book that is nothing like the original storyline of Alice in Wonderland which I thought was amazing because I love books that are a retelling but its completely off the original or the opposite of the original.


Mr Carpenter, Cheshire, The Walrus, The Caterpillar and The Rabbit alongside Dor. All the original characters are found in the book with their original names apart from in one case, the Mad Hatter, who is now Nicholas The Hatcher of Heathtown, it was great to see a twist to the original characters. Now this book is not for the faint hearted because it could be off putting to someone women because they are brough across as victims because they are only there for men for their pleasure and for sex, it doesn't go into a lot of detail so it isn't too heavy however there is apart in the book where Alice and Hatcher are in the 'butterflies' club and that was a heavy and disturbing. I wouldn't say this is a horror book is more disturbing book because it isn't like the type of horror that has you hiding in your bed thinking something is going to jump out at you 


I thought that this book was very well written and I did get very lost in the world and I did buy the second book I can not wait to read. I do have to say there are some trigger warning because of the rape and sexual abuse in this book, I don't want people going into this without knowing kind of what to expect without giving anything away. 


This book is Alice but is far from a Wonderland tale.  

Harry Potter World

On 28th August 2016 me and my family went to Harry Potter World in London and i was of the most amazing experience that I totally recommend to any Harry Potter fan out there.




Me and my family went on this trip through National Holidays which meant that it was first of all a long 6 hour journey on the bus which wasn't the most of comfortable experience. I managed to get some sleep when I wasn't reading my book Alice. Once we arrived at London at 1:30pm we were allowed some free time until 5:00 to explore London, now I suffer from anxiety so being in such a crowded place did make me feel very anxious and I felt little bit of a panic rising but I was managing to breathe through it we didn't really get too do much because we did get lost at one point and we needed to be back at the coach by 5 I went to the disney store which was massive and had so much more than the Newcastle store and I bought a phone case which is marvel and I also got a glass tumbler which was beauty and the beauty related.


The hotel was ok I suppose nothing really special but it was only for one night so it was ok the food was terrible I could only eat chips because there was no variety.


We got to Harry Potter world on Sunday at about 10:30 and the queue was huge and security was rather tight and then the magic began and I honestly can not put into words the amazement once the tour started I was speechless finding out the amazing things that it took to film such an amazing and popular movie series, the details in the props were amazing now I tried the ButterBeer however and I will prob get a lot of hate it was nothing special it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would have been.


I don't want to post loads of pictures because I don't want to spoil it for people that may be thinking of going because I think if I saw all the pictures that I took from someone else that went I wouldn't have been so excited because I will have seen what was coming the products are amazing little steep with regard to price and i could have spent £100's and the best part is that the tour does have a website so you can buy anything that may not have been in the shop at the time or maybe something you couldn't see which is mostly now going on my christmas list hehe. 

Bank Holiday Weekend



Hi everyone I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend I have been extremely busy and I have totally forgot to write my blogs but I have so much to share about my long weekend.


So tomorrow night I will write my post about my experience at Harry Potter World and I have finished the book Alice so that will also be uploaded soon (I have put in my diary to upload them). I have a busy week ahead with a lot of overtime but I promise that I will write both because I do have a lot bit to say in my review for Alice.


I am starting to read Red Queen (Chronicles of Alice) Book 2 and i will let you know my feeling as I am reading it and you can see my progress on GoodReads so give me a follow I love meeting new book people and also seeing what people read and get recommendations.




Hi everyone so its Sunday night and I am sat in bed with a very swollen elbow after going to far with helping my mum blitz clean the kitchen. 


I am back at work tomorrow and not going to lie I am scared because my elbow is a long way from recovery and it takes me forever to do anything so working in customer service with a computer all the time is worrying (this post has took me forever to type). So I think that its going to be a very difficult and long week. 


I have got something to look forward to which is I am going to Harry Potter in London and I CAN NOT WAIT so thats something getting me through my first week back at work.


I have been watching Booktube and I came across someone who I think is amazing and I have loved her video's and I have found so many recommendations from her and I have decided that I am going to sample them before I do buy them and I honestly can't wait to delve into them and at the moment I only have the two pages but there are so many more that are going to get added along the way. I love book tube there are some amazing recommendations.




Thank you so much for reading I hope you all had a great weekend :) 



Not feeling too hot!!



Well its 3:36 and I think I've had about an hour and a half sleep and now I am wide awake with a really bad stomach and there is no way sleep is going to come back to me anytime soon so I thought well why not type up a new post because I did completely to blog about my most recent books that got bought to me in the past two days.


So two weeks ago I tore the ligaments in my elbow and arm and I have been in a lot of pain and I haven't been able to move very well without being in horrific pain, I've had to depend on my family a lot which sucks because I am very independent so having to depend on them for help totally dragged me down but I am now on the road to recovery and I am finally able to do things for myself I still can't over do it but I have to go back to work at some point (recovery time is 8 weeks) being so down I decided to get some new books because that is the best way to cheer up a bookworm hehe.



I got Alice and Red Queen off the reccomendation of an amazing Booktuber and I have only read three chapters of Alice and I can't wait to read more. I also got Percy Jackson series because watching YouTube I heard nothing but amazing things about it so I can't wait to start that either. The Bone Season I got also because of Youtube I found that certain people liked it others didn't also it was only £4 and its hardback so it was something that I couldn't walk away from so even if I don't like it then I haven't paid too much for it.


Thanks for reading everyone and I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Review
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky

I read this in one sitting, I simply could not put the book down it was so lovely to read a book where there wasn't any vindictive characters or an 'Evil person' that had it in for the main character. I never believed that one book could address so many events at once and not have it overwhelm the main plot line and just helped develop the characters. I really loved the format of the book with charlie sending letters to someone who is anonymous which helped me to connect to Charlie.


I felt that even at my age I could relate to Charlie at certain aspects with his life, seeing Charlie develop from being alone and then finding people who let him in and helped Charlie become his own person in the end and Charlie was able to develop as a person. This book was a nice read because nothing really dark happens and it allowed me to always be smiling whist I was reading which was a nice change to the mix of emotions I normally get when I am reading.


I would recommend this book to anyone that wants a quick read and anyone that loves reading a book that does address a lot of different subjects.


Thanks for Reading this short review. 


My next read


I have so many books!!! 


I have so many books and I have now finished Shawn Michaels autobiography and I now can't decide which book that I want to read :(. 


I think I am going to read All the Light We Cannot See or I don't know GRRR if anyone has read this please let me know if it was good and worth the read because it is 530 pages or if you have any reccomendations 

Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story - Michaels Shawn, Aaron Feigenbaum

I finally got around to reading the first book of my idol Shawn Michaels (Shawn Hickenbottom) and it did not disappoint. I had already read the second book which I thought was amazing and was mainly his personal life this book was about his wrestling career which is something I definitely recommend if that is what you are looking to read about Shawn rather than his personal life.

Shawn went through a lot with his injuries and what he put this body through because when he first started his career he thought he was invisable but as his career progressed and he become older he realised that he wasn't invisible and that what he loved so much was actually hurting him. If anyone believed that wrestling was fake then this book will throw away any doubt that you might have.Shawn doesn't hide that he was a pain to work with when he was addicted to painkillers. 

I loved being able to read about the Montreal screw job from shawn's pov which was a great also reading about the amazing 'Curtain Call'. Shawn doesn't hide how sensitive he is and the hurt he felt when he hurt people when he was addicted to pain pills people may see that sensitivity as a weakness but I don't believe that the sensitivity is a weakness at all.