Wrestling for My Life: The Legend, the Reality, and the Faith of a WWE Superstar - Shawn Michaels, David Thomas

"God does not give us gifts

that he does not intend

for us to use"


This book got alot of hype in the wrestling community because of the simple name of Shawn Micheals. I got this on Kindle  due to being unsure about the book and like always the price difference was a big difference. I did love it enough however to buy a physical copy.


I didnt read the first book of shawns (Heartbreak and Triumph) so i thought that maybe it would follow up from that but, doing some research i seen some reviews say that it was more personal.


This book was a refreshing read for a wrestling fan, I thought this book was inspiring (the reason for the five stars) because shawn and gone through so much and was able to come out of all of it a stronger person by turning to god.Through the book i highlighted some quotes  that I felt  meant alot to me. While reading this I was at peace the entire time and was loving shawn more and more.


If you like Shawn Micheals then it will be a great read for you, however if you love HBK and are more interested in this in ring life then personal life then  I dont really  recommend due to him not really going into alot of detail about the matches he has, he simply mentions the importance of some matches and how those impacted his life before and after becoming a christian.