AMANI: Remember - Lydhia Marie

Title: Amani- Remember

Author: Lydhia-Marie


Published- 8th May 2015


First starting this book I was intrigued by the premise of a girl who was in a coma for 5 months and lost 11 months worth of memories and that she was able to project her soul into other people's bodies. I had never read anything were coma was in the story line so I was real interested to give this a go.


 I got about 25% into the book and I'm not going to lie I started to get a bit confused because the talk of a different universe and different type of people and the qualities they hold was very overwhelming. I felt like the main character did when she got retold all of this, however I did keep going and I'm so happy I did.


The rest of the book was amazing I loved all the characters they each had an ability that wasn't little and was needed throughout the story. It had a lot of twists that I did not see coming which was great because I wasn't reading the book and being able to call the ending before it happened. Now it did end in a way that I wouldn't call a cliff hanger but it left open for Lydhia to write another book ( I hope she does).
I think Lydhia managed the writing of two world amazing and the magical aspect of Amya being able to project her soul into other peoples bodies was something I had never read or heard of before.

I did find myself getting a little confused through the rest of the story but not too often that I wanted to stop reading and I really do hope that Lydhia writes more of these characters and this world because I really did love the entire story.