"Imagination is the building block of our universe"

Authors: Billy Phillips & Jenny Nissenson

 Published: 1st October


First wow what a beautiful book cover. I of course got the arc on my kindle so I couldn't get the fully appreciate the cover, when I requested this book I didn't realise that it was connected to the collection of Once Upon a Zombie Dolls (my sister loves those).


This book is definitely for a younger audience around the age 10-15 but Im 22 and really loved it so I suppose if it interests you pick it up no matter what your age is.


The book follows a girl named Caitlin who has suffered from panic attacks and different phobias since her mum went missing 3 years ago and they moved from USA to London. Caitlin is an average girl who gets pranked by the "mean girls" of her school and it leads Caitlin to discover a world with zombie princesses who need her help.


I loved all the characters and I fell in love with Caitlin's little sister Natalie who was very sassy. I was glad when reading this that the crush that Caitlin had on Josh didn't take over the story line and it concentrated on the princesses and Caitlin's mission while with them.  The story was fast paced and flowed very nicely with some awesome twists I know I should have been able to call the ending but I was that absorbed in what was going on all the time that I never thought any further ahead than were I was at the time of reading.


The twist on the princesses was amazing because I grew up with the princesses who were damsels in distress were in this book they totally kick butt and don't need helping doing it.  Through out the story Caitlin got over her fears which I thought was great because you could se the confidence she was building when she wasn't panicking about what might happen to her if something went wrong and she would just take the risk.