Yes!: My Improbable Journey to the Main Event of WrestleMania - Daniel Bryan, Craig Tello

Now this was my first audiobook and I enjoyed the book but I don't think audiobook is something I will use again.

I didn't really know what to expect from this book simply because the WWE network had already done a 30 minutes documentary about Daniel Bryan and his week before wrestlemania so I was hoping that it wasn't going to be a repeat from screen to book.I was a fan of Daniel Bryan before this book but I didn't know the history of his journey to WWE or his time in ring of honour all I did know was that he was a ring of honour original.

Through out the book Daniel was very modest and didn't brag about the accomplishments that he made he also wouldn't expect sympathy for the hard times that he went through especially when he spoke about the several injuries he had gotten before going to WWE, like I said Bryan was a ROH original and that is what makes him who he is today and the attitude that he carries today because he is at WWE to wrestle because he loves wrestling so much.

I laughed out loud a few times while listening to Bryan speak about things that he had done and that doesn't happen much with me I tend to keep it in but listening to him speak was funny, even when he swore it was funny because he doesn't seem to swear often but when he did the story behind it deserved the odd swear word because it was OMG moments.

The reason I gave it 4* was because even thought I loved Bryans part in the book I didn't enjoy the parts when Craig Tello spoke, when he referred to Daniel Bryan as the Yes Man that annoyed me to no end.

I would recommend this to anyone who like me is a fan of Daniel Bryan but doesn't know much about him and wants to learn more, I respect all WWE stars for what they do but after listening to Bryan book the respect has gone up massively.