Reading Progress


I thought a little update was in need cause I've had so much going on with working so much and not having time to myself to read or write something on here which I am going to change.



For about 1 week I have been over half way through SHATTERED BLUE which I got from NetGalley and I am really appreciate the book however I cant seem to finish it is not engaging me at the moment and I am finding that I can put it down really easy and not bother going back to it for days I will get through it I wont give up and hopefully it does pick up.


I have 2 other Netgalley books to read but honestly I wanted to read one of my physical books so I have picked LOOKING FOR ALASKA, I loved the fault in our stars I thought John Green's writing was fab and I know a lot of people loved it and recommend to read it so I am hoping that it lives up to the hype which I think it will because its flippin john green