Shattered Blue - Lauren Bird Horowitz

Author: Lauren Bird Horowiz

Pages: 336

Published: 15th September


ITS FINALLY HERE, I want say thank you too skyscrape and 2 lions for allowing me to read this.


First I just want to say that this is my opinion and if you love this book then that's great I did like it but it wasn't my favourite so don't hate on me because I am being truthful and giving my opinion.


I felt that the story had a lot of detail and I suppose that is a great thing for a first book in a series but for me it was too slow and honestly nothing really got me gripped until about 80% into the book, which after that I couldn't put it down and had to know what happened to the characters at the end of the book.Now I think that the series is going to be a strong series and I do want to read book 2 when that is available.

Now while reading it even though nothing dramatic did happen I did find myself wanting to get to the end to see what happened at the end which I suppose is a good thing cause it kept me wanting to read it. 

I loved the characters especially Sasha I think she is suck a bubbly character and so innocent and doesn't know what happening to her older sister Noa, now the name Noa I thought was so unique however I didn't really like her character simply because she seemed to get attached really easy to people, I did love how risk free she was though. I loved the brother dynamic I thought it was very well detailed and I wasn't confused at any point because things where explain so thoroughly which is why I think the writing style was so good because Lauren didn't miss anything out when explain the back story of people.