Looking for Alaska - John Green

Author: John Green


Published: March 2005

I don't have the cover on this review I have the newer one :-)




Wow this book in my opinion was AMAZING. I loved the storyline simply because it was so meaningful and it was a very delicate subject that I could relate too.


I love John Green's writing style and love the fact that he approaches subjects that some authors wont. I didn't feel much for Miles (Pudge) he annoyed me because he always made himself the centre of attention especially toward the end of the book. I loved Alaska Young she was so sassy, mysterious and rebellious, she was also a really loyal friend to both Miles and Chip (Colonel)


It was a little unrealistic with the idea of high school children drinking and smoking however the book isn't really angled to young children of the age of 12, maybe some young children have read it however I do believe that everyone knows that Fiction is fiction and that's all it is.



This book touched my heart a lot and honestly I needed time away to recover from it because it left a very heavy outlook on life when I finished it.



I do plan on reading the rest of John Green's books and things he has written because he is an amazing writer.