Username: Evie - Joe Sugg

Author: Joe Sugg

Pages: 194

Published: September 2015


Now this graphic novel purchase was bought based on the lovely front cover and the fact it was a hardback for £8. I shouldn't judge a book by its cover I know but I find that sometimes I do and a lot of the time its worked in my favour.


Now I am not going to really summarise the story because I find that I cant really without giving the story away too much. But I found the story to be relatable even though I am 22 when I was at school I felt a lot like Evie and feeling like an outsider.


The storyline was good but not the best I found it to be a bit obvious and I was able to assume the ending before it happened and I was right which totally sucked because I hate being able to predict an ending and then it not proving me wrong.


I know that other people wrote this and done the art for this book and credit where credit is due they done an amazing job and I noticed a lot of the reviews I read about this Joe Sugg was getting a bit of backlash because he didn't do everything now I just want to say that the story and the characters were his idea and the other people just helped him make the story and characters even more better than they already where in his head.