Hi everyone




I know that a lot of people will see the post about being better me or getting into shape but I think that if you want to be a better person or get into shape you shouldn't wait until the new year you should just go for it anytime of the year.


The only thing that I want to change this year is my reading habit I want to read more and basically make more time to read because I don't make enough time and it is the best way for me personally to relax.


I haven't been posting at all the past few months but times have been hard I have had a busted up shoulder so moving around has been hard especially when I am right handed and my right shoulder is the one I have hurt. I am going to try and blog more on here and get my wordpress blog some views but I don't think that will come of anything tbh.


I start a new job on 4th so that's a lot of pressure especially with the 6 weeks training I got to do but I am sure it will all be worth it when I am finally making enough money to move and live with my finace and finally after 6 years of being together actually be together.


Whats everyones plans this year what do you hope to accomplish even if it is getting into shape ect I would love to hear it :)