The Winter Freak Show - Daniel Parsons


Being Ill has its perks I have managed to read a lot more being at home in bed not allowed to go outside.


I saw this book on my twitter via the author, and I decided that I just had to look into his books, and I am glad I did I totally loved this short story I made the purchase online for my kindle.

The story was a Christmas tale with a dark but magical twist which I thought was great because it wasn't a typical Christmas story it was a fresh idea, the era it was set is my favourite so any story that is set in Victorian time is an instant win for me. I wanted the story to keep going I didn't want it to end at all, I loved all the characters especially Toby he was like another Oliver Twist. Daniel Parsons had me hooked from the beginning and I couldn't put it down and I was soaked into the world and I loved the entire storyline especially the twist on the tale of Santa that we all get told as a young child and I can not wait to read more of his writing I recommend this to EVERYONE it will not disappoint and I cant wait to read even more.

I love reading stories wrote by indie authors and I really support them as best I can and I know a big way is by writing reviews so I recommend reading and support Indie authors when you can :)


Thanks for reading

Love Louise