A Life With No Regrets (Fairhope Book 5) - Sarra Cannon



A Trip to Fairhope and again I was not disappointed with the story, I have loved every single story that is the Fairhope series, the great thing out this series is that each book can be read as a stand alone and you can still understand what it is happening because they don't follow. 


This book gave me so many emotions it was unbelievable, like all of Sarra Cannon's books the characters where well developed and I felt so connected to each character I wanted to cry, laugh and be angry at time with the characters. I felt the pain and joy they were going through. This book approached a sensitive subject and I respect Sarra Cannon for approaching the subject with grace and respect.


I don't really read romance but I love this series and its helped me brach out to romance genre. I love all of Sarra books and I Highly recommend ALL of her books.