Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story - Michaels Shawn, Aaron Feigenbaum

I finally got around to reading the first book of my idol Shawn Michaels (Shawn Hickenbottom) and it did not disappoint. I had already read the second book which I thought was amazing and was mainly his personal life this book was about his wrestling career which is something I definitely recommend if that is what you are looking to read about Shawn rather than his personal life.

Shawn went through a lot with his injuries and what he put this body through because when he first started his career he thought he was invisable but as his career progressed and he become older he realised that he wasn't invisible and that what he loved so much was actually hurting him. If anyone believed that wrestling was fake then this book will throw away any doubt that you might have.Shawn doesn't hide that he was a pain to work with when he was addicted to painkillers. 

I loved being able to read about the Montreal screw job from shawn's pov which was a great also reading about the amazing 'Curtain Call'. Shawn doesn't hide how sensitive he is and the hurt he felt when he hurt people when he was addicted to pain pills people may see that sensitivity as a weakness but I don't believe that the sensitivity is a weakness at all.