Hi everyone so its Sunday night and I am sat in bed with a very swollen elbow after going to far with helping my mum blitz clean the kitchen. 


I am back at work tomorrow and not going to lie I am scared because my elbow is a long way from recovery and it takes me forever to do anything so working in customer service with a computer all the time is worrying (this post has took me forever to type). So I think that its going to be a very difficult and long week. 


I have got something to look forward to which is I am going to Harry Potter in London and I CAN NOT WAIT so thats something getting me through my first week back at work.


I have been watching Booktube and I came across someone who I think is amazing and I have loved her video's and I have found so many recommendations from her and I have decided that I am going to sample them before I do buy them and I honestly can't wait to delve into them and at the moment I only have the two pages but there are so many more that are going to get added along the way. I love book tube there are some amazing recommendations.




Thank you so much for reading I hope you all had a great weekend :)