On 28th August 2016 me and my family went to Harry Potter World in London and i was of the most amazing experience that I totally recommend to any Harry Potter fan out there.




Me and my family went on this trip through National Holidays which meant that it was first of all a long 6 hour journey on the bus which wasn't the most of comfortable experience. I managed to get some sleep when I wasn't reading my book Alice. Once we arrived at London at 1:30pm we were allowed some free time until 5:00 to explore London, now I suffer from anxiety so being in such a crowded place did make me feel very anxious and I felt little bit of a panic rising but I was managing to breathe through it we didn't really get too do much because we did get lost at one point and we needed to be back at the coach by 5 I went to the disney store which was massive and had so much more than the Newcastle store and I bought a phone case which is marvel and I also got a glass tumbler which was beauty and the beauty related.


The hotel was ok I suppose nothing really special but it was only for one night so it was ok the food was terrible I could only eat chips because there was no variety.


We got to Harry Potter world on Sunday at about 10:30 and the queue was huge and security was rather tight and then the magic began and I honestly can not put into words the amazement once the tour started I was speechless finding out the amazing things that it took to film such an amazing and popular movie series, the details in the props were amazing now I tried the ButterBeer however and I will prob get a lot of hate it was nothing special it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would have been.


I don't want to post loads of pictures because I don't want to spoil it for people that may be thinking of going because I think if I saw all the pictures that I took from someone else that went I wouldn't have been so excited because I will have seen what was coming the products are amazing little steep with regard to price and i could have spent £100's and the best part is that the tour does have a website so you can buy anything that may not have been in the shop at the time or maybe something you couldn't see which is mostly now going on my christmas list hehe.