Another week has been and gone and its been a slow busy week and I honestly felt like it was never going to end.

I didn't have the best week, the only thing that was getting me through was that I was off for the entire weekend and not in until 12 on Monday. My anxiety was in full flow all week leading up until Friday when I finished at 2:30 because of a meeting I had and it honestly tore me up inside. a lot of people were saying "told you, you had nothing to worry about" but they didn't understand that to me it was out of my control and I couldn't help the worry I was feeling.

I am STILL reading The Red Queen due to my stress I haven't felt like reading all I have been doing is work and then coming home and laying in bed watching YouTube and listening to Podcasts which really did help me get to sleep on a night cause it calmed my nerves a lot. I did mention in my last post that I was struggling to red the book because IT DOESN'T HAVE CHAPTERS, and its driving me crazy and I feel that the book is taking forever and it is because I have been reading it for about 2 weeks if not longer which isn't normal for me I normal read 1 a week if I have plenty of time. I plan on finishing the book tonight or tomorrow and I have so many books so I have no idea which one I am going to read next I think it maybe Hollow City because I really did love Miss Peregrine and I was waiting for Library of Should to be released on paperback in the UK so that I could finish the entire series.


Today I went to whitby with my Nanna, mum and sister for my nanna's 70th Birthday which is tomorrow and I went to a book shop and bought an amazing edition of Alice and Wonderland and other stories which is pink and hard back and beautiful. I also bought a Audrey Hepburn bag which is stunning pictures to come on my Instagram lollypop_lou92.


Thank you for reading I am going to go away and read the Red Queen.

Love Louise