I finally after 11 years have my own room and I am LOVING it. I finally have my own space and its great because I can finally blog more and also read ALOT more and that will be done once I can see better out my right eye because I currently have inflamed retina and its extremely painful but I am managing to adjust to it just in case it is to happen again, I am due to have a brain scan soon to go into depth with why it was triggered and hopefully it wont happen again but they said not to be too positive until we find out what the trigger was.

Despite not being able to see very well it never stopped me from purchasing books I got Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition and wow its beautiful I also bought 2 books in the Disney Villains, The Beast Within  and The Fairest of All by Serena Valentino and also bought 2 books from Disney Twisted, Once Upon a Dream and A Whole New World. I can not wait to read these because these are easy reads and are going to be the best things to get back into the swing of reading my next blog will probably bee at the weekend and then maybe a few next week because I have a week off work just to chill and more than likely read alot and get some posts up because I really do love typing these blogs .