The title of this post says it all tonight I have decided that 2017 is going to be totally awesome I have alot of plans they arent exactly New Year Resolutions I guess but I want to try and keep to them.


-These little things include posting more on here and WordPress(when it works).


- Read more which is a given haha my reading goal is 30.


- Now I know alot of people will have said this about losing weight and eating better but my reason is for my health because if i lose some weight and realise the pressure on my joints, my risk of getting MS is reduced and I am trying all I can to make sure that I am not diagnosed with it.


-I like my job and I have tried but I am coming up to a year there and honestly I have never wanted to put my whole heart into a job before and thats my plan put my whole heart in and work my way to better things and also more money I plan on working alot more hours.