I thought I would add this page so people can get to know me a bit more :-)


I'm 22

My birthday is 15th December

I live in the UK

I love: Reading


           Harry Potter

           Graphic Novels (mainly marvel)

           My PS4


Something that you should all know about me is I have Joint Hypermobility which means I have very flexible joints and I hurt them really easy and I'm in a lot of pain most of the day some days getting out of bed is a real struggle especially if I was at work the day before so I tend to spend my days off in bed with a book or watching TV unless I have things to do then I will get up,now you may think I'm lazy but I'm really not just some days its a real difficulty to get out of bed without being in a lot of pain.


This might make me seem to you that I am boring and sad but I honestly don't have many if any friends because I don't like going out on a night time and getting drunk, also my interests are geeky and nerdy to the people that I know especially WWE people don't seem to understand why me a girl loves the WWE but I do and I'm not ashamed of it.


If you share the same interests as me n want to chat that's cool just message me I'm sure we will get on fabulous :-)