AMANI: Remember - Lydhia Marie

Hi just a quick update I got out my reading slump with lying out loud then I remembered I have been given a great opportunity to get a free copy of this book in return for a review on amazon and good reads.


Now I know to some other people it might seem like an everyday thing to them but to me it isn't I don't get to read free copies of book for reviews and I would like to but I just don't have the contacts to do so.


I have done it for one other author who I totally adore and I was lucky enough after reading advanced copies to get an amazing bundle of goodies off her and the paperback book of the first one she wrote , I then went on to buy a copy of her second book which I paid to get shipped from America to England so it cost me a fortune but was totally worth it. I will put up a review at some point about those books because I'm totally in love with both of them.


like I said I'm super excited to read this book and give it a review I have read a couple of pages and I'm really interested to see where the story goes.


If anyone knows how I could get more of these to help indie authors out give me a message because I like supporting indie author's and don't believe they get the hype that mainstream books get but they totally deserve the hype and notice.