I have been on a roll with my reading lately but I think that down to


1 awesome books

2 my health has been low lately so I have been just reading in bed.

3 Ive just been a really good reading mood


My next read is another Net Galley Arc is out 15th September so I'm going to read it and give my review toward the end of this month which will appear really quickly because my weeks seem to be going by really fast.


I don't know much about this book so I'm going in blind and honestly I think sometimes that's the best way all I know is that it is Book 1 in the light trilogy so hopefully its really good and will make me want to read the other books when they do come out. Which will probably be torture  because I don't like reading a first in a series and then having to wait for the next one to be released specially if its a really great book with a cliff hanger ending :)