Hi everyone really quick update I've added an about me page on my blog simply because I think people should know who I am and what I'm interested in I babble a little a bit but that just me. But to not make this such a short blog I thought I would add a little on here too but I promise I wont repeat


Now I am new to the whole blog and review book world which people can probably tell in my blog posts and you will probably all think I wish she would stop babbling on so if anyone has any tips for me I would be really grateful for the tips and advice from anyone.


I hate living in the UK because I feel that with where I live mainly that there isn't much out there for book lovers we have WHSmith and Waterstones and we have the library now I could just be blind to these events so if anyone does know any that happen in the UK give me a shout and I will look into them and see if they are close to me :-)


p.s I don't know why I put I'm feeling pirate lol I just really liked the little emotion :-)