Hi everyone,


Wow I have had a crappy few days today I lost my job and got made redundant which totally sucks so now Im looking like crazy for a job because I hate not having anything to do. My health hasn't been 100% either I have been suffering rather badly with an infection in my foot and a sprain in my left wrist which means not much reading has been done. So now all I keep thinking is how am I going to afford to pay for things now :(


With my free time when not looking for like crazy for a job I am hoping to read more and also play on my PS4 more. I'm hoping that I don't get all depressed like I did before I got a job. I think I will be reading a lot of blogs on here to keep me occupied which sounds totally sad lol :).


But enough about me how has everyone else been lately cause I haven't been on here in awhile :-) xx