Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples Harley Quinn Vol. 1: Hot in the City (The New 52) - Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti Operation: S.I.N.: Agent Carter - Marvel Comics

Well today I decided to treat myself because I had some left over money that I forgot I had :-).


I got three graphic novel



 Saga Volume One:

I got this in HMV for £7.50 so I couldn't turn it away and plus I heard nothing but great things about this on goodreads and YouTube. So I cant wait to dive into this tonight and I hope I love it as much as everyone else.



Harley Quinn, New 52 Volume One 

I LOVE Harley Quinn so when I saw this in Forbidden Planet for £13 I couldn't turn it away and I cant wait to read this and I love that I'm slowly building my Harley collection and I cant wait for Volume 2 to be available in paperback because we only have it in hardback at the moment and I don't like comics that are in hardback :-(.


Operation S.I.N-Agent Carter

Now I got this comic because I loved the Agent Carter series that was on T.V and I know the odds of it following or being relevant is slim but honestly I don't mind because I like to see different versions of things that I like and I don't know anything about this volume and honestly I want to go in blind cause I think its the best way sometimes. Also I didn't get the cover that shows on this I got a different one a little disappointed but never mind