Now I got this on the 16th September so this is late but I am still in love with it now. I am from the UK so book subscription boxes for a book worm are hard to get a hold of unless I pay a lot for postage but this box is £12 a month for one off or you can pay for 3,6,12 or a continuous subscription so a lot of choices and they are well worth it.


I got this because like I mentioned it is hard to get them in the UK and when I seen that one of the options was classic I was sold instantly because I want to grow my classic collection (the other options are science Fiction, classic thriller, children or random).


You can do this box for yourself and for a friend and you will not be disappointed the  book is a vintage book so it does have that vintage look but their not battered books and still in good condition. I loved the little goodies that came with the book and I loved the personalised feeling to the package which by the way can fit through your letter box so you don't have to wait in for it.


I have to give this 5 Stars and I have acutally gone on to subscribe for 3 months because in my opinion £12 for a book and some lovely goodies is well awesome and worth it .