The Accident Season - Moïra Fowley-Doyle

So here it is Finally my review for this book.


I went into this book rather blind all I knew was it was about a girl and her family and every October accidents happened that where unexplained.


This book was fab, I loved that this story wasn't set in America and the haunted factor to this story was so gripping and I found myself turning the pages always wanting to know what happened.


Without giving it away I did predict the story line with the main character and her love life, I did find that the skips between reality and fantasy threw me off a few times but it was a good feeling. I felt the beginning of the book was a little slow and it kind of felt like the build up to the main plot but was dragged out a bit too long for my preference. Once we got into the main story line it was amazing and I really couldn't put it down.


The end was definitely the biggest surprise for me because I didn't see it twisting into that direction and becoming a little dark but Moira Fowley-Doyle handled the entire book and the ending with perfection and for a debut novel the writing was amazing and I cant wait to read more of her work the story and questions where wrapped up nicely at the end and I wasn't left still wondering about something which was good because when I finished the book it did actually feel like the end of a story if that makes sense.


It left me with chills and its the perfect book to read at Halloween because it is set in October I would recommend that anyone that has this on their TBR its definitely worth picking up and reading. :)