Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

"Being Human totally sucks most of the time

Video games are the only thing that 

makes life bearable"



well I am going to be totally honest with my review I do not see the point in lying about a review just because a lot of people enjoyed something and just like it to keep peace and go with the flow well i don't do that I like to be different and I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 


I loved this book at the start and couldn't stop reading it and that was great until around chapter 23 and then i did not really rush to read the book and honestly i never finished the book properly because I lost interest and i could not wait to read a different book because I was totally bored.


So to be totally blunt I have not finished the book properly I kind of skimmed the ending because I am simply disappointed with the book and I did have high hoped for the book and i could not wait to.


The beginning of the book was amazing I was hooked and always wanted to know what was going to happen and I had feeling I was going to love the book if it kept that way. however I believe that the pace of the book started to slow down and it was a lot of boring details and it was like it was a filler before the twist was going to happen and it was too much and too boring for myself. 


I will probably get a lot of stick of this because I have seen a lot of amazing reviews for this book and that's what drew me to this book but unfortunately it just wasn't for me at all.